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Bad Girlfriend Traits

Some girlfriends have the word “trouble” tattooed on their delicate little foreheads, whereas others appear sweet and demure right up until the moment they completely shaft you. So is it possible to spot the signs of a bad girlfriend before she wipes the floor with your love and leaves you crying in a pathetic heap on the bedroom floor? Thankfully yes, bad girlfriend traits are normally fairly easy to spot if you are clued up, so read on for a few useful pointers on how to avoid relationship hell with an evil witch.

Bad girlfriend traits

Two-timing Girl: this woman has had more boyfriends than you have had hangovers. She collects admirers the way other women collect shoes, only she is less discriminating. But this might not be a problem if you are after an “open” relationship or you are happy being Mr Thursday night.

How to spot her? If your girlfriend is always receiving texts and calls from other guys, plus she often disappears for entire evenings with very vague explanations, consider the prospect she is playing you big time.

Psycho Bunny Boiler: this woman is your ticket to stalker hell. She is the type who calls you fifty times a day just to say “hi”. At first it is flattering, but after a while it is just plain creepy.

How to spot her
? If she starts talking about how gorgeous your mutual kids are going to be, but it’s only the second date, walk away now before Floppy ends up in a stew on the hob…

High Maintenance Girl: this woman is not going to be happy with a fish supper and a four pack of lager on a hot date. Oh no. She will expect nothing less than a meal in a top restaurant followed by a night in a 5* luxury hotel.

How to spot her? If she starts dropping heavy hints about how her ex boyfriend sent her flowers ever day, took her to Paris for the second date, and basically treated her like a princess, think carefully about whether or not your love has a large enough credit facility.

Gold-digger Girl
: rather like High Maintenance Girl, this woman is only after cold, hard cash. She is looking for financial security, not true love, and whilst you might be able to provide hot sex in the short term, do not be surprised when you are traded in for a geriatric billionaire with no warning whatsoever.

How to spot her? If she spends the first date quizzing you on your investment portfolio, be realistic and accept she is not interested in you for your personality.

The Bitch
: this woman has no ulterior motive other than to make your life a total nightmare. She will flip from angel to bitch in the blink of an eye. Eventually you won’t know whether you are coming or going and you will be popping tranquilisers like smarties.

How to spot her? If she changes her mind more than the weather and throws tantrums at the drop of a hat, unless she has oral skills to die for, consider whether the trauma of dating this woman is worth the reward…

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