You are probably dating a man who’s a decade or older than you or perhaps you are thinking of dating one, it could be love or for the money or something else. Well it comes with lots of challenges and benefits as well.

  1. He could be divorced. Majority of middle age men at some stage in their lives got married and due to many reasons had to breakup with their ex. And many chose not to tell you about this, however it’s you as his new partner to try and find out more about his past. You may choose to ignore it just because he treats you well but this will affect the growth of your relationship in the long run and it will be a big blow to you. For example on dating sites, not every one of them has the courage to include their divorced status with the hopes of finding someone who won’t turn out to be like his ex. Its best to probe further on what kind of relationships he had in the past before meeting you, try as much as possible to be honest and patient enough to listen to his story, don’t make rush judgments and be rational while being sincere to him and avoid doing the things that his ex did if you plan on establishing a long term relationship with him.
  2. They’re mature and experienced. It’s a natural thing for a man who’s a decade or older than you to be mature. But the issue now lies with you; you’re probably at the age where you want to have fun with your man, go out to clubs, parties and holidays together. You can still do that with him but believe me it won’t be as exciting as when you do it with a man within your age bracket, he’ll give you everything you want but won’t join in on the fun he might opt to watch from the sidelines ad while ensuring you’re safe. Well the good thing is that you ca get to have lots of good sex, on account of his accumulated years of experience ad trust e some will even last the whole night (a warm bath will have to be prepared In advance).
  3. Good decision makers. Well actually older guys make pretty much better decisions compared to younger ones or peers. Couples who have many years are difference tend to last longer in the marriage than younger couples and they are much more happier. This is because the older men have experienced a lot of things and knows how to manage a relationship well. Instead of fighting, they opt to solve things peacefully, which makes them the ideal men for women who seek to find happiness and peace of mind in marriage.

“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”- Mark Twain