Have you ever wondered why most times you can’t come to a positive agreement with your girlfriend and always end up fighting or breaking up despite the love between you two? Well you might want to look at this if you plan on spending the rest of your life with her.

1. Help realise her dreams.

A woman just like every man has dreams and ambitions that she wants to achieve, you might think that since you are working, you will be able to provide for your woman’s needs without her needing to worry about having to work or go hungry but you need to see things from her sight of view, she might need a lot more than you give her, for small things like her hair, nails, skin care products, clothes e.t.c I believe by sitting down with her and talking about her career , encouraging her and giving her the necessary support so as to realize her dreams will help narrow that gap between you two, this will make her value your relationship more than ever.

2. Spent time with her.

Spare her some of your time out of your busy schedule, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend half of your time with her, explain to her about the kind of work you do likewise don’t forget to send her a message at least once or twice a day to inquire about her day, surprise her once in a while maybe could be a candle light dinner, a bouquet of her favorite flowers or take her out to any of her favorite places. Trust me she won’t ever look at another man except you. It’s usually those small things that make a woman happy and forever grateful to you.

3. Trust her and be true to yourself.

You don’t have to be insecure about other men trying to win her over; if a woman loves she loves for real. Don’t doubt her love towards you as well as her sincerity in being in a relationship with you. Don’t ever give any room whereby doubts will start sprouting in your relationship. Avoid any flirtatious or intimate advances from any other woman even though it’s a female colleague from place of work. As the saying goes, a woman understands a fellow woman better. You might not know it but that slight moment of leaving a loophole will make her feel insecure about her man, she will eventual start being suspicious gradually pulling away from you. Hence you need to explain to her if a female is found around you and likewise tell everyone that you are taken if you plan on being with your girl forever.

4. Involve her in your life and plan.

Talk about your future plans with her, where you plan to build a home, you could even talk about having babies in the future, travelling to different places and even picking up new hobbies. This will encourage her to open up to you and help the two of you plan out a beautiful future together, you shouldn’t leave her out atleast involve her in most of the things you do.

5. Involve your parents and make it known.

Meet her parents and tell them of your intentions towards their daughter, in return let her meet your parents. This will prove to her how serious you are about being together with her.

6. Be proud of her and take her out.

Introduce her to your circle of friends; every woman wants their man to be proud of them despite their imperfections and flaws. Instead of criticizing her or each other, why don’t you try and work on each other’s flaws turning her to be the kind of woman or wife you intend to spend the rest of your life with.

7. Love her for who she is.

Don’t compare her to other women; it could be your ex-girlfriend or your friend’s wife or girlfriend. Nothing hurts a woman more than being compared to another woman even just for a second, to her it’d be like you don’t like her for who she is. If you really love her then you need to accept her for who she really is.

“If you find someone you love in your life, then hang onto that love.”- princess Diana