Relationships take a lot of hard work to make them work, I have never heard of a perfect relationship, maybe fiction but that’s different from the real life. Sometimes you find yourself thinking whether it is possible to save your forever failing relationship and if you’ll ever go back to how things were between the two of you when you first got together. There is different kind of situations, sometimes the relationship can be so bad that there’s no hope of fixing it but all it takes is determination and courage. How much do you want the relationship? Do you feel it’s worth trying to fix it? How about your partner, is he/she feeling the same way you do? How much are they willing to sacrifice for the relationship? Two parties are responsible for a certain action or situation in which they are involved, love is worth fighting for but sometimes you can’t be the only one fighting. At times people need to fight for you.

1. Try and forgive each other.

The hardest thing to do in a relationship is forgiving your partner of a crime committed against you, to err is human and we all have flaws and aren’t perfect. It’s the right thing to do if your partner asks for forgiveness and is ready to make amends. Don’t wait for your partner to apologize to you and don’t assume that you’re never in the wrong and it’s always good to say ‘I’m sorry’ even when you’re not in the wrong. Couples should learn the real power of forgiveness if they want to build a long lasting relationship. As they say ‘ if a person keeps coming back and you love each other enough to keep forgiving your past mistakes, maybe your were meant for each other’.

2. It’s more than just sex.

Sex is very important in a relationship because it can give you an emotional high in a way that it increases your ambition and sense of happiness, sometimes relieving stress as well as boosting your self confidence but a relationships is more than just sex, sometimes too much sex without doing other things can lead to loss of trust in case of a betrayal or any mistake. There are many things couples can do such as playing truth of dare, sharing your fantasies, cuddling together, dancing to your favorite song, sharing an embarrassing secret. It’s always these small things that make relationships strong and long.

3. Re-consider your words and actions.

It’s a common saying that actions speak louder than words, but sometimes words count more than just your actions. You may always say the right things to your partner but your actions say otherwise. For example both of you claim you love each other very much but when one of you brings up the topic of commitment, marriage or engagement, the other puts up strong defenses, gets irritated or find excuses, this shows how he/she really feels about you. If you’re really hoping to restore your relationship then you’ll definitely need to change your actions as well as behavior for the better.

4. Try and communicate as much as you can.

Frequent communications between couples can avoid misunderstandings that might cause hurt, anger, resentment or confusion. All relationships have ups and downs but a healthy communication lifestyle can make it easier to build strong, healthy relationships as well as resolve any misunderstandings. You may love each other so much but you can never read your partner’s mind. Try and find the suitable communication method that you deem fit for your relationship and talk to your partner as long and as much as you can, get a specific time without being interrupted and listen to each other’s feelings. This will create peace and resolve any lingering doubts or conflicts between the two of you.

5. Try and be more open to your partner.

Being open in a relationship needs a lot of courage and determination. It makes you vulnerable, you might be rejected, you shouldn’t be discouraged from opening up to our partner just because you’re scared of what the person you love might think or say, be honest about your feelings, and your partner should be understanding and empathic towards your needs and desires. Explain what you want or need for example when it comes to sex, you can be so direct and say what you need, how it should be done or perhaps you could try something new. Talk about it if your feelings are hurt in anyway, it can help resolve any misunderstandings.

Never leave a true relationship for a few faults. Nobody is perfect. Nobody is correct. And in the end affection is always greater than perfection!!