cheating (infidelity) is one of the major concerns faced by couples these days. People often say men cheat alot but many have overlooked the fact that women do cheat. The signs are evident but you may not realize it because she’s always smart however, cheating always isn’t about flirting, kissing or hugging, if she’s always deleting those text messages so you won’t see them then she’s already there. If you want an honest relationship, no lies, no mind games and no cheating then you’ve got to check this out.

1. Less intimate towards you.

She suddenly doesn’t want to cuddle with you, nor be passionate towards you. Most times she acts like she can’t wait to get over it. When a woman cheats, she’ll try as much as possible to initiate less contact especially intimacy with you. If your girlfriend suddenly becomes less passionate, there’s a higher chance she’s seeing someone else.

2. She’s becoming more beautiful and sexy.

When your woman suddenly starts making up, ensures that she looks good all day, always dresses up and it’s never for you. And when you go out with her and she’s never bothered about how she looks compared to when she goes out on her own, then there’s a high chance that she’s seeing another man. Thus you need to look out all the time.

3. Always working non-stop.

If your girlfriend is working and she’s always making excuses that she has no time to see you and is occupied with work, and is super busy that she hardly spends time with you or pay visits to your family, the first time maybe true however if it recurs way often then there’s a possibility that she’s seeing another man besides you.

4. Complains alot.

She will suddenly start looking for various reasons to pick up a fight with you as well as complaining and quarrelling over any slight mistake. And nagging you always, saying your style isn’t good, and begins to compare you to how other men treat their women (could be a friend or a colleague), most times walking away leaving you no room to explain, then there’s a high probability that there’s a third wheel in your relationship.

5. Hides when making phone calls.

When a woman is cheating, she’ll start being sneaky for example answering her calls when you’re not within her sight, excuse herself to go to the bathroom to take a call or hanging up on a call. She’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you never learn about the contents of the call. If you’re girlfriend is acting this way, then there’s a high chance that she’s cheating on you.

6. Starts hitting the gym.

Your woman suddenly hits the gym and never invites you to go with her, and she goes on a diet plan trying all ways to get her body into shape and never includes you in any of it, you’ll need to check twice to see if your relationship is still the same otherwise she could already be cheating on you.

7. Often day dreaming.

When your girlfriend is always daydreaming and often in a daze and is smiling radiantly but never tells you the reason she’s happy. Sometimes she’ll snap out of her daze and won’t look you in the eye and starts acting strange, then it’s likely that she’s found someone else.

8. High security on her phone.

Probably when you just got together, she never set any passwords or pin code on her phone and often left it behind or anywhere close to you without worrying that you’ll check her phone but suddenly halfway, when she starts having her phone with within her line of sight and sets a tight security leaving you no room to access it, then there’s a high chance she’s moved on.

9. Stops caring.

When your girlfriend suddenly stops caring about you or what you do, like spending less time with you or not paying attention to whatever you do or what you eat or wear. Visits you less often, communicates with you rarely and starts having a hard time saying I love you, she probably might have gotten someone she’s busy caring for.

10. Hanging out in the company of new friends.

When your girlfriend is suddenly surrounded by new friends you’ve never seen before and often hangouts with them and never introduces you to them, then it’s likely that she’s found someone else that only her new circle of friends knows about.


see if your girlfriend is acting strangely according to the mentioned signs, you’ll probably get the answer you’re looking for.