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6 Signs your Man is Ready to Settle Down

Settling down in a cosy relationship with “the one” is something most of us aspire to, but unfortunately there is no accurate way of pinpointing when a man is likely to be ready to settle down and take up DIY and making babies. So if you have been dating a while and you think he is “the one” how can you tell if your man is thinking the same thing, or if you wasting your time?

6 signs your man is ready to settle down

Naturally, you could just ask him, but this is a difficult subject to broach and we all know how leery men are when it comes to scary conversational topics such as commitment, so rather than risk sending your man on a one way trip to the local pub, there are other ways you can try and decipher the male signals that he might be ready to settle down…hopefully with you!

  • If your man has lost his enthusiasm for lads’ nights out and he complains that his favourite bars are full of teenagers, it is a good indication that mindless benders and alcohol fuelled nights of oblivion have finally lost their thrall. He might not be at the slipper and pipe stage just yet, but he is heading in the right direction.
  • He is showing signs of middle age spread—when a man begins to lose his six pack (assuming he had one in the first place), he knows his chances of pulling fit young birds down the local clubs are fast diminishing, which means that settling down to regular relationship sex with you is a much safer prospect since you are unlikely to criticise his wobbly bits.
  • When all your mutual friends are dancing down the aisle and having babies, men often begin to feel under pressure to follow suit, especially when all their former drinking partners are now far too busy papering the living room ceiling to spend three lost days in Blackpool on a bender.
  • Finances should never be underestimated as an incentive for a man to settle down. Men are inherently practical creatures and if the Chancellor is offering tax breaks to couples who cohabit or marry, you can be fairly certain that your man is considering how much of his hard earned cash he can squirrel away by ditching his bachelor pad in favour of moving in with you.
  • Major personal traumas can also change a man’s way of thinking. The loss of somebody close to him or a life threatening illness or accident can have far reaching repercussions. What previously seemed unimportant might suddenly become much more valuable, and that hopefully includes you. Unfortunately, this can also backfire and cause your man to disappear into the sunset, on a mission to “find himself and the meaning of life”…
  • Never underestimate the power of true love. Men are just as susceptible to falling in love as women, and when this happy event occurs, he is apt to decide that you are so amazingly wonderful he had better snap you up before some other lucky guy does!
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